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Are you searching for a way to teach your child responsibility and focus while getting them involved in rigorous physical activity? Taekwondo is a traditional martial art that has established itself as a global sport, and an estimated 60 million people practice Taekwondo. The World Taekwondo Federation has a global membership of 179 national associations, and Taekwondo's educational and humanitarian values are recognized around the world. At World Taekwondo Center in Scottsdale, AZ, you can rest easy knowing that Grand Master Kim will work with your child to bring them into true alignment with both their body and spirit.

A Wise & Experienced Grand Master

Grand Master Kun Sang Kim was born in Korea and immigrated to the United States in November 1992. He has traveled all over the United States and to many other countries in order to promote, examine, and demonstrate the true spirit of Taekwondo and the development of martial arts in the world. Grand Master Kun Sang Kim is internationally known and respected as an excellent and talented teacher, competitor, and philosopher. Grand Master Kim is an incarnation of Martial Arts excellence. His life and many accomplishments demonstrate a never-ending pursuit of perfection. He currently holds the following qualifications and awards:

Taekwondo Awards Ceremony
  • 8th-Degree Black Belt (45 Years of Experience)
  • 1967-Studied Tae Kwon Do in Seoul, Korea
  • 1970-Korean National Youth Division Champion
  • 1974-Korean National Middle School Division Champion
  • 1976-Korean National High School Division
  • 1979-Korean National Champion
  • 1985-Graduated at Seoul Myung Ji University
  • 1986-Master Instructor of Dae Sung High School TaeKwonDo Team Seoul, Korea
  • 1992-Established World Tae Kwon Do Center in Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • 1994-International Referee of Tae Kwon Do by Kuk Ki Won (Tae Kwon Do Headquarters, in Korea)
  • 1997-Office of the United States TaeKwonDo Union
  • 1999-Director of California State Jr. Olympic TaeKwonDo Championship
  • 2000-Director of California State Jr. Olympic TaeKwonDo Championship
  • 2004-Established World Taekwondo Center in Gilbert, AZ
  • 2008-Vice President of Korean Amateur Athletic Association
  • 2000-BEST Martial Arts School of the Year
  • 2001-Master Instructor of the Year
  • 2003-Master Instructor of the Year

Bravery & Courage

Martial arts are less about your child learning to fight others and more about fighting their innermost fears. Conquer them, and your child unleashes within themselves a powerful, unstoppable force. In other words, when your child uses the discipline in Taekwondo to conquer his fears, they will have the power to transfer that discipline to all other areas of their life. Your child will find the courage to move outside of their comfort zone. They will gain the determination to take on more difficult Taekwondo moves and skills.

Promoting Emotional & Physical Wellness

More than any other martial art, Taekwondo gives your child the chance to explore their innate powers. Your child will marvel, as will you, as they increase in strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and harmony. But this is only the start. In fact, physical skills act as a foundation for something much more important: the development of mental and spiritual values. Not cut off from physical skills, but allowing your child to be intimately connected and even bonded to them in a transcendent sense. Your child will find joy in improving physical stamina. They will be able to walk farther, run longer, and practice skills until they are perfected. In turn, your child learns to persevere and never give up. With the help of the instructors at World Taekwondo Center, your child will strive harder and longer to reach their goals. Even in occasional failure, your child will learn to get back up, persevere, and try again until victory is eventually achieved. They will not let self-doubt get in the way of finding their ultimate happiness.

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